Local Motors store in Maryland

Tenaya Hurst visiting Local Motors in Maryland

A special something happened at Maker Faire…I ran into a friend from a hackathon, Gina O’Connell and she invited me to see the brand new Local Motors store which just opened at the National Harbor in Maryland. When the faire closed for the day, I happily headed off to the harbor with my other good friend I also met at a hackathon, Shooka!
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Tenaya Hurst at National Maker Faire

Tenaya Hurst at National Maker Faire

It was a unique opportunity for University of DC to host the 2nd annual National Maker Faire. Everyone said we were lucky to have such good weather - I know it rained on Thursday, so the scorching heat was I suppose the better alternative! Most of the faire was outside with a few makers showing & telling in the courtyards and shaded areas. The gym was a total drone zone and hopefully some makers made the slight trek to that area of the campus, but mostly all the makers were around a very nice central plaza which definitely channels the spirit of all the faires - nationwide!
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Arduino for Beginners

Arduino For Beginners

Arduino and The General Italian Consulate of Boston invite middle and high school students to a workshop "Arduino for beginners” that would be taught in Italian. The workshop will take place at Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge. Register here!
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Arduino attending Maker Faire Bay Area

Maker Faire Bay Area

At Arduino, we usually spend our time “making” electronic circuits and programming the sensing and control of the components using microcontrollers. The work is often done sitting at a desk with a computer -- not much physical exertion. We have to find other times to exercise. However, on setup day, after unloading many boxes from a truck into the Expo hall, we then spent the morning “making” the booth -- out of 100% cardboard pieces, pre-cut and pre-printed by CartonLab. It was a physically healthy way to start the long weekend event -- we were sweaty afterward!

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Ableton Live connection kit compatible with Arduino

Ableton releases Max For Live - Connection Kit

Do you like to play around with music? Have you ever dreamed of using Live with technologies like Arduino, LEGO, MINDSTORMS, EV3 and OSC? It is now feasible with the new free toolkit from Ableton: The Connection Kit. This set of Max for Live is made for all the makers out there willing to take their project to another level and experiment the possibilities of interaction between Live and the world around us.
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Tenaya Hurst next to the Arduino booth at ECEDHA

Arduino at ECEDHA

This year in attending the ECEDHA conference, we had a mission to connect with higher education professionals. Universities face some struggles around their Electrical Engineering departments, and Arduino can contribute to solving a few of them. Declaration, Retention, and Community Education Outreach.

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