Announcement of the Christmas contest winners

Dear Makers, we would like to thank you for participating in our Christmas contest! We appreciate every submission. Today we are honored to announce the winners.

Here is the list of authors of the best projects that were submitted to our Christmas contest. It is amazing how many people from different countries use Arduino to turn their ideas into realities.  

Arduino Christmas contest Announcement

As a sign of gratitude, we will be sending each author a newly released Uno WiFi. Moreover, some projects were awarded scholarships by the Arduino Foundation.  
You will receive an email with more information about the shipment of the UNO WiFi and the scholarships.  
Congratulations to all!

Abhishek N from Boulder - USA

Adam V from Westborough - USA

Adithya S from Chennai - India

Aditya T from Valencia - USA 

Adrian S from Munich - Germany

Akash V from Johns Creek - USA

Alberto V from Grezzana - Italy

Alex H from Munich - Germany

Amanda C from Saylorsburg - USA

Anders E from Oslo - Norway (Project selected for a scholarship)

Andrea B from Rome - Italy

Andrea V from Turin - Italy (Project selected for a scholarship)

Andreas K from Bretten - Germany

Andrei H from Brusque - Brazil

Andrés G from Torreon - Coahuila

Andrew S from San Francisco - USA

Andrew V from Lafayette - USA (Project selected for a scholarship)

Ansen S from San Antonio - USA (Project selected for a scholarship)

Anthony T from Harpenden - UK

Antonio L from Pompei - Italy

Antony W from Banbury - UK

Arif D from Surabaya - Indonesia

Arnaud B from Cintegabelle - France (Project selected for a scholarship)

Arthur S from San Francisco - USA

Artur C from Łomianki - Poland (TBV)

Arun M from Bangalore - India

Avery B from Moscow - USA

Baptiste G from Rennes - France

Ben M from Saffloz - France

Ben T from Huddersfield - USA

Beng Chet N from Penang - Malaysia

Bernd G from Paranaque - Philippines (Project selected for a scholarship) (TBV)

Bram R from Hellevoetsluis - Netherlands

Brett L from Newton-Le-Willows - UK

Brian H from Jacksonville - USA

Brian L from San Francisco - USA

Chris G from Inver Grove - USA

Christopher G from Peoria  - USA

Christopher L from Johor Bahru - Malaysia

Daniel B from Germantown - USA

Daniel D from Johannesburg - South Africa

Daniele L from Brescia - Italy

Danis Z from Ufa - Russia

Danny B from Herent - Belgium

Davi G from Natal - Brasil

Dobrica P from Zagreb - Croatia

Earl T from Doral - USA

Edgar B from Johnstown  - USA

Edwin H from Cali - Colombia

Emanuele G from San Giorgio Di Mantova - Italy

Enrique C from Logroño - Spain

Enrique C from Mexico City - Mexico

Erik K from Vinnitsa - Ukraine

Ernest W from Puszczykowo - Poland (Project selected for a scholarship)

Fawei Z from Midlothian - USA

Fernando C from Columbia - USA

Flavio R from Ciudad De Buenos Aires - Argentina

Francis H from New York - USA

Gary F from Novato - USA

Germán C from Bogotá - Colombia

Giovanni M from Cava De Tirreni - Italy

Grant B from Wilmington - USA

Guillermo S from 47007 Valladolid - Spain

Gustavo R from Mazatlan - Mexico (TBV)

Happy V from Morena - India

Heather A from Blacksburg - USA

Hendra K from Tangerang - Indonesia

Henning J from Darmstadt - Germany

Hernan M from Doral - USA

Hitoshi M from Kawasaki Nakahara - Japan

Idris A from Simpang Ampat - Malaysia

Ilias G from Oxford - UK

Imthiaz A from Chennai - India

Ioannis D from Larisa - Greece

Ivan K from - Ukraine (Project selected for a scholarship)

Jabi L from Tolosa - Spain (Project selected for a scholarship)

Jacob S from Seattle - USA (Project selected for a scholarship)

Javier A from San José De La Rda - Spain

Jean T from Orsay - France

Jerry I from Haiku - USA

Joan A from Barcelona - Spain

Jose Carlos G from San Salvador - El Salvador

Jose M from La Laguna - Spain (Project selected for a scholarship)

Josh C from Seattle - USA

Julian H from Bremen - Germany

Kalle W from Klågerup - Sweden

Karan N from Chennai - India

Katherine P from Ocean Springs - USA

Kemal F from Vienna - USA

Kenneth Y from Hudson - USA

Kiara N from Panama - Panama

Kilian S from Berlin - Germany

Kornel S from Budapest - Hungary

Krunal B from Nagpur - India (Project selected for a scholarship)

Kshitij T from Noida - India (TBV)

Leroy M from Monroe - USA

Lihong L from Fuzhou - China

Luis D from Toledo - Spain

Luke B from Ashland - USA

Marcel V from Amersfoort - Netherlands

Marco M from Monsano - Italy

Marius G from Kaunas - Lithuania

Martin H from Twickenham  - UK (Project selected for a scholarship)

Martin R from Evanston - USA

Matthias B from Munich - Germany

Max M from Castrop-Rauxel - Germany

Miguel Angel A from La Muela (Zaragoza) - Spain

Mike B from DPO, AE 09213 - USA

Mikhail O from Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Nguyen T from Hanoi - Vietnam

NicoHood (Project selected for a scholarship)

Nicolas J from Logan -USA

Noah N from San Luis Obispo - USA

Noam Z from San Francisco - USA

Noer Bany Y from Bandung - Indonesia

Ole Dam M from Albertslund - Danmark

Oscar L from San Lucas Sacatepequez - Guatemala

Oscar M from Miami - USA

Panutat T from Chiang Mai - Thailand

Pasquale B from Messina - Italy (Project selected for a scholarship)

Paul K from Menasha - USA

Pavel C from Litovel - Czech Republic

Peter J from Tucson - USA (Project selected for a scholarship)

Philip D from Bloomsburg - USA

Philip D from Flanders - USA

Pranav V from Sammamish - USA

Praveen Kuamr G from Bangalore - India (Project selected for a scholarship)

Ronald A from Lima - Perú

Saipraveen D from Chennai - India

Sally Y from Amherst - USA

Salman F from Nilambur - India

Samuel P from Castelfidardo - Italia

Saudin D from Visoko - Bosnia And Herzegovina

Scott L from Philadelphia - USA

Serge F from Sherbrooke - Canada

Shrihariprasath B from Coimbatore - India

Simon P from Darmstadt - Germany

Stepan B from Praha  - Czech Republic

Sunny K from Chennai - India

Syed A from Hyderabad - India (Project selected for a scholarship)

Thomas B from Friedrichshafen - Germany

Thomas E from Esbjerg - Denmark

Thomas F from Bocholt - Germany (Project selected for a scholarship)

Thorsten V from Santa Barbara - USA (Project selected for a scholarship)

Tomasz P from Bielsko Biala - Poland

Tommaso E from Carugo - Italy

Ugo A from Ivrea - Italy (Project selected for a scholarship)

Vadivelan M from Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Vinayan H from Thiruvananthapuram - India

Vincenzo D from Rome - Italy

Vishnu R from Chennai - India

Yahang W from Xi‘An - China

Yeffri S from Sacatepequez - Guatemala

Zachary M from Broomfield - USA

Zackary E from Spanish Fort - USA

Zdeno S from Heřmanův Městec - Czech Republic



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