Arduino & Leroy Merlin Br Name Top Winners:Solving Water Problems Featured

Arduino and Leroy Merlin Brazil brought together developers in the area of smart homes, IoT and water sustainability last month at the Hackathon for Makers and Developers on July 16-17 at Interlagos unit of the biggest Leroy Merlin store in San Paolo. 

The event aimed to create and highlight a variety of projects that would help to take care of our precious water resources more efficiently. Four teams with at least three projects had two days to create a prototype that could help solve the world’s water problems. The Bricolab had several tools provided by Leroy Merlin, Arduino boards, and other electronic equipment supplied by Robocore. Participants also used long-range ABINC’s LoRaWan type antenna, Cliever’s 3D printer, and CNC Delta milling.

Hackthon Participants
Hackathon participants
All groups used creativity, coding skills and expertise in electronics to build their projects. At the end of the second day, four teams presented prototypes to the jury and audience, explaining purpose, functionality and development.
The jury consisted of Renato Kazuo Takasu, Director of Internet, Leroy Merlin Brazil, Weber Nice, Director of Learning, Development and Change Management, Leroy Merlin Brazil; Luis Viola, the ABINC, and Paul Lenz, the founder of RoboCore.
The groups were judged in the following categories: relevance to the theme of the competition, innovation, and presentation. The maximum possible score was 20 points.

Learn more about each project below:

1st place - Vovuínos
Lavuino Arduino project
According to a survey of UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), the washing machine is the largest consumer of water. Based on this, the team developed the Lavuíno - a prototype that helps to reuse water from the washing machine. With this system, people can save up to 50% of water in each cycle.
Participants: Denis Massucatto, William Borducchi, Odilon Cenamo, Miriam Cenamo and Claudio Salles.

2nd place – Tann
Tann Arduino project
The team developed the Tann system asking users to "Pause your waste." The prototype gives people the ability to pause the water flow with a simple tap on tap. Furthermore, it is also possible to choose the intensity of the water flow. For example, when someone is brushing their teeth, the system will automatically turn  the water off and on, thus, saving gallons per year.
Participants: Marcelo Farias, Ivan Seidel, samilla Thalita Macedo and Vitor Mayer.

3rd place – The Gout 
The Gout Arduino project

Participants created the Gout, an electronic system to be placed in the water tank, stating the amount of liquid being used.
Participants: Marcos Vinicius, Joao Pedro, Victor Daga and Renato Rodrigues.

4th place - Seaapp
Seaapp Arduino network
The group created a sustainable social network that will measure water consumption with an integrated measurement system.  People can check how much water they consume compared to their friends and earn points for conserving more water.  Each would have goals based on present water usage. Contests such as this have been proven to help in weight loss and energy conservation, so this approach may help communities save a lot of water.
Participants: Lucas Cardoso Fontenla, Luca Ribeiro, Matheus Santana Amorim and Victor Hugo Leal

Arduino hopes for many more important environmental projects. We will keep organizing hackathons with Leroy Merlin. Stay tuned!
Hackathon participants



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