"Arduino for beginners" course review

Find out how Arduino engineer introduced Italian-speaking middle and high school students to electronics
Arduino and The General Italian Consulate of Boston held a workshop "Arduino for beginners” at Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge. The whole course was taught in Italian language and consisted of three days of intensive trainings: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We greatly appreciate help of volunteers from New England Italian Students Association, and such well-knows schools as Harvard, MIT, Boston and Northeastern Universities. Most of the volunteers were graduate students or researchers, working in various fields, from health science, mechanical engineering, to electronics and other.

Braccio with italian flag at the Arduino for Beginners workshop
Each evening, during two hours, workshop attendees learned how to turn their ideas into reality using Arduino UNO. Among participants, there were middle and high school students and their parents. Based on the post-event feedback survey, it was a great experience for the whole family. 

Working group at the Arduino workshop

Different age group at the Arduino for Beginners workshop
Arduino for beginners workshop, kids having fun
The first day of the workshop had begun with our engineer, Angelo Zaia, introducing students to Arduino and basics of electronics. They learned how to build simplest circuits, how to connect Arduino board to their computer, what IDE is. Volunteers helped and supported participants throughout the whole course. On the second day students explored Arduino more and started working on projects from Starter Kit, Italian edition. Finally, on Thursday, Angelo and volunteers helped participants to finish those projects. In conclusion, our engineer presented new Arduino products and discussed future directions of the company.

Angelo Zaia talking about Arduino
Arduino starter kit

Italian Arduino starter kit
Arduino would like to thank everybody for participating in this workshop! Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts, The General Italian Consulate of Boston and New England Italian Students Association for making it happen and being part of it! We cherish your ideas, help and support. We hope that together we will be able to promote Italian technologies and establish Italian as a language of innovations. 

Looking forward to more workshops!



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