Arduino keeping really busy during October

It has been a crazy month of October full of surprises and joyful events. We were really busy, running around the world to meet you all and talk about our new products. But here we are already at the end of the month and we miss the good times we had. Find out more about all the different places we went to!

3-4th October: Maker Faire Berlin
It was the first time that we participated at the Maker Faire Berlin and all we have to say is that it was a great success! We had a lot of visitors on our booth and most of the people were interested in finding out about the new products that have been released: the Tian and Industrial 101.A couple of nice roll ups were standing on the booth describing our standard items (Uno, Mega, etc.) and explaining the new products. A lot of interest was also placed on the Starter Kit, as many kids were attending the Faire. But most of all, we saw some really cool projects using our Arduino boards.

Federico Musto showing the new Arduino products at the Maker Faire Berlin booth

The Arduino Team at the Maker Faire Berlin

Arduino at Maker Faire Berlin seing the giant logo

5-8th October: OpenWrt Summit Dublin
To help encourage the growth and strength of OpenWrt, the prpl Foundation organized the OpenWrt Summit. Co-located with Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) in Dublin, the OpenWrt Summit was the first community conference focusing exclusively on OpenWrt. The OpenWrt Summit benefited anyone who wanted to learn more about the OpenWrt software and was a great opportunity for the core community to get together face to face. Arduino was present with the Linino developer team to put on the table the major issues encountered and to detail the experience done with Arduino Yun, which is evolving with the next new board: the Arduino Tian.

Arduino booth at the OpenWrt Summit Dublin

People visiting the Arduino booth at the OpenWrt Summit Dublin

at the OpenWrt Summit Dublin

10-11th October: Maker Faire Seoul
We enjoyed being at the Maker Faire Seoul. Placed outside under a tent, the Arduino booth was huge, allowing to have a lot of space to display all the various products we brought with us. A lot of people came by and showed a lot of interest. They wanted more explanation about the various items we had. We took also a tour through the exhibitors and got to see a giant robotic arm created by Laser Pix. We have to say, even if they have the same color, our robotic arm "Braccio" looks a little small next to it!

Arduino booth at the Maker Faire Seoul

Arduino at the Maker Faire Seoul and the event banner

Arduino seing the giant robotic arm at the Maker Faire Seoul

16-18th October: Maker Faire Rome
The third edition of Maker Faire Rome was unbelievable! There were more than 100.000 participants. Many people on our booth made videos of the robotic arm "Braccio", asked questions about the new boards. Moreover, they wanted to know which product would be the best to start making their own new project.
Saturday and Sunday the DH Fab Lab Messina boys were on the booth to show the "Acchiappa la Talpa" game and the visitors were very enthusiastic. We met some people making cool stuff with Arduino, some for having fun and others for more serious projects. Stay updated, we will reveal a few of them really soon on our blog. 
We even got to win second place with our robotics product Braccio at the "" Award contest! So, thank you all for having voted for us, we really appreciate it.
To conclude, Maker Faire Rome was very busy and our CEO, Federico Musto gave a few interviews to Italian media. Find all the articles an videos here:
Corriere Comunicazioni
Tom's Hardware

Arduino new robotics product Braccio

Arduino booth and the Fab Lab Messina game

Cool Arduino supporters at the Maker Faire Rome

17-18th October: Maker Carnival Shanghai
In the morning of October 18th, Federico Musto, our CEO, made a speech at the Shanghai Maker Carnival. Talking about the releases of Arduino Uno Pro, Arduino M0 S, Arduino Leonardo XS, Arduino Uno XS as well as the robot set “Braccio“ and several new upgraded products.
In these new products, the upgraded Uno Pro is the new product for Chinese Makers through the cooperation with the world famous WiFi manufacture Espressif. It is embedded with WiFi and the Makers will be able to add the IoT features into their ideas through the latest Iot Function Library: Ciao. The Chinese version of Arduino Uno has also been released at the same time.
In Federico’s speech, he announced to establish the Arduino Foundation. He pointed out that the Foundation will be open to all, whether for individuals or companies. “We have high intentions to the free access to the knowledge. The aim of the Arduino Foundation is to make everyone able to develop their own technology and share in with the community  to improve the individuals life“. The main 3 objects of the Foundation are: support software development, support hardware development and support maker/innovation education.
Check out some more pictures of the event here:


Arduino at the Maker Carnival Shanghai situation view and booths

Child interested in the Arduino Braccio arm

Arduino booth at the Maker Carnival Shanghai

We would like to thank you all for visiting our booth and support the Arduino team and community. Thank you for being so loyal to us. We hope to see you really soon on our upcoming events!



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