Arduino @ Shenzhen Maker Fair

 Arduino announces its entry into the Chinese market by attending the Maker Fair Shenzhen 2015 with its new products.

Shenzhen, June 24, 2015 – The world’s leading open-source circuit board manufacturer Arduino Srl attended the Maker Fair Shenzhen 2015 held recently with its new products, formally announcing its entry into the Chinese market. Arduino China, as the sole authorized brand and product owner of Arduino in China, will provide Chinese designers, engineers, makers and Arduino fans with better products and solutions. 


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

Arduino fans discussing with engineers at Arduino’s booth at the Maker Fair Shenzhen 2015 


Arduino Srl, a world leading open-source circuit board provider from Italy, is committed to helping professional and amateur developers design and make different electronics prototypes. Arduino’s scalable open hardware and open-source software platforms help millions of developers in the world realize their projects easily and rapidly.  


In 2005, a project launched by Italy Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) made the first Arduino prototype, which was inspired by a circuit board named “Wiring”. It was the graduation project of Hernando Barragan, a student of IDII. The current Arduino circuit boards are enhanced and improved from the Wiring. Arduino contains a programmable circuit board (generally referred to as System on Chip, SoC) and a development environment (integrated development environment, IDE). The latter is used to write computer code and upload it to a circuit board. 


Arduino brought several new products to the Maker Fair Shenzhen 2015, including the Chinese version Arduino Starter Kit suitable for beginners and teaching, Arduino Yun Mini with operating frequency up to 400MHz and built-in Wi-Fi, and the highly scalable Arduino M0 Pro featuring a 32-bit ARM kernel. The new Chinese version Arduino Starter Kit, as the first and highlight product of Arduino seen in the Chinese market, encompasses almost all the know-hows and courses needed for Arduino usage, suitable for students and entry-level makers. The kit contains 14 development cases to reduce the learning curve and facilitate Arduino usage. Before the Chinese version was released, the kit for starters had been widely applied in the U.S. Science Technology Education Mathematics and many middle schools and universities in Canada and Europe. Arduino Yun Mini is a compact printed circuit board featuring built-in Wi-Fi and USB communication module, which avoids the need for a secondary processor and may be used as a mouse and keyboard. Arduino M0 Pro featuring an Atmel SAMD21 MCU and ARM Cortex®M0 kernel opens up more possibilities. A flexible, simple and powerful 32-bit extension to Arduino UNO, the flagship platform of Arduino, it is an ideal teaching tool for 32-bit application development. 


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

Arduino UNO development board


“These products are Arduino’s latest development boards. We are very happy to bring them to China. We not only manufacture products, but also work with local producers to design and develop products catering to demands of the Chinese market. Leveraging Arduino’s software and hardware to simplify design of sophisticated products and technologies is Arduino’s mission. The new Chinese version Arduino Starter Kit is a good example. In future, one of our priorities is to combine Arduino products with energy-saving wireless technology, i.e., Arduino’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Its development is faced with many challenges. We need to make concerted efforts with the partners in China.” Said Federico Musto, president and CEO of Arduino.


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

Federico Musto, president and CEO of Arduino


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

Arduino releasing new Chinese version Arduino Starter Kit


In addition to delivering benefits of Arduino products and open-source platforms to developers and makers across the world, Arduino strives to facilitate development of the whole ecosystem and future technologies in different fields. “We hope to directly communicate with Chinese users through Arduino’s Chinese website and WeChat platform, to learn their demands and preferences. In future, we will work with local players in the fields of technology and education, and empower and support other partners in Arduino’s ecosystem, to facilitate common prosperity and development of the whole ecosystem,” said Ms. Chen Yurong, managing director of Arduino China. 


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

A teacher guiding a student in using Arduino development product at the Arduino workshop during the Maker Fair Shenzhen 2015


Arduino at Shenzhen_Maker_fair

Arduino’s Chinese website


Arduino has seen an increasing momentum in the Asia market since the first quarter of 2015. After entering China, Arduino, committed to empowering creation dreams and innovative designs, will provide unique tailor-made products and supports to help Chinese makers ride on the new wave of “ubiquitous entrepreneurship and innovation” through realizing their original intentions of Arduino open-source usage.



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