Arduino @ The Global Tech Tour Switzerland

Yesterday has been a really instructive day because we attended the Nordic Semiconductor, Global Tech Tour at the SwissTech Convention Center on the EPFL campus in Lausanne.

Arduino during the Global Tech Tour Seminar

Nordic Semiconductor
 is making a tour around the world to show you their new nRF52 Series. This is a unique opportunity for embedded application development engineers or people interested in the various possibilities of the product to meet the nRF52 Series experts in person. The seminar is very well structured starting with a detailed walk-through of the nRF52 Series SoC and a full afternoon of software examples taken straight from the nRF52 SDK. Each presentation lasts around 30 minutes followed by a live example allowing you to have a even better view of the different features.

Here is the full program of presentations:

  • Introduction to nRF52 family
  • Radio and Layout
  • Power management
  • Softdevices
  • SDK
  • PPI and GPIOTE; Demo use of the PPI and GPIOTE and EasyDMA
  • The nRF52 flavor of standard peripherals like: Timers, RTCs, TWIs, SPIs, ADC and how to use them efficiently in low power designs
  • Advanced peripherals for Audio and control: I2S, PDM and PWM
  • Near Field Communication, NFC, and how it can ease secure pairing and commissioning in wireless system
  • Breakdown of a full Bluetooth Smart application built using the S132 Softdevice, SDK example code and snippets from the code examples covered so far. This will be demonstrated with mobile apps and PC tools for solution testing and development
  • Solutions to support the growing IoT market
  • Wrap up with Q&A

We can only recommend this event if you are willing to know more about the nRF52 because it is a unique opportunity to get in contact with the Nordic Team and talk with them about the different possibilities of the product. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, meet interesting people from various disciplinary fields and have a lot of fun throughout the whole day.

If you are also interested in joining a seminar near you, check out the the various dates still available before the end of the year. Of course the seminar is free of charge and you will even get a nice surprise at the end of it. So, don’t wait and subscribe now!

USA: October 5 - 22
Europe: October 26 - November 9
Asia Pacific: November 9 - December 10



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