Artisan’s Asylum, the largest hacker/maker space in the US

Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community fabrication center located in Somerville, Massachusetts. It is one of the largest (40,000 square foot) hacker/maker-spaces in the US.

Artisan's Asylum Logo. Maker space proposing Arduino classes

The center supports and promotes the teaching, learning, practicing of design and fabrication. They offer private studio spaces for rent, various classes, tools and equipment for all sorts of craft-related activities, and much more. Artisan’s Asylum is a playground for everyone who is willing to create, innovate, and share ideas and knowledge.

There are 2 interesting projects that Artisan’s Asylum shared with us:

Artisan's Asylum space where they teach Arduino classes

Artisan's Asylum, Arduino workshop space.

The Thermistorcator is a simple, four channel temperature measuring device, using an Arduino Nano, a few resistors, some basic thermistors and am OLED display.

“Yes, there are a zillion embedded processors out there, but I figured the Arduino Nano would provide just enough of the simple brains needed to run this project. By using the Arduino, we can reprogram the capability of the system (adding in integration, maximum/minimum, etc. if needed), and also (as a bonus), have serial output from the Arduino go to any computer (Mac, PC, or Linux). Another nice feature is that it is battery powered (using a single 9 V battery), which means it can be used as a hand-held device.“

On his website, the maker shows and explains the various design steps he went through while building his device. He also provides his full downloadable code, the schematic document and the different parts list to let you be able to create your own Thermistorcator.

Thermistorcator project made with Arduino Nano

Thermistorcator display using Arduino Nano

ReAwakening is a 6 feet wide interactive painting. It is made of 72”x48” acrylic on wood panel with kinetic LED lighting and IR-LED input console. It also features an input console allowing viewers to “play” the color-changing lights and change the painting’s appearance, by waving a hand over a row of sensors, and even save and play back their own light shows.

ReAwakening interactive painting made with Arduino

ReAwakening input console using Arduino

Artisan’s Asylum offers classes and workshops in a variety of subjects, from art and marketing to electronics and programming. For instance, one day Arduino workshop is a great way to be introduced to the world of Arduino. During it, students learn the basics and principles of programming and “making”.  Another great option offered by Artisan’s Asylum is a membership program. Every member, who contributes the monthly fee, gets an access to the facility and equipment. The number of provided tools is impressive, you will find everything for woodworking, jewelry and metal smithing, prototyping, 3D printing and so on. Membership option is available to individuals, as well as companies, which rent the space for their employees. Being a member of Artisan’s Asylum will be beneficial for someone who is looking for continuing education, skills development and networking. 

Artisan's Asylum workspace where they propose an introduction to the world of Arduino

Artisan's Asylum work space

Find out more information on their website and check out some cool pictures of the place and the various projects on their Facebook page!


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