Bosch Internal Ideation Challenge and their Arduino projects

This year, Bosch launched it's first Internal Ideation Challenge. All of the winners used Arduino in their projects. 

Maker fever spreads around the world rapidly. Today even multinational corporations acknowledge the effect that it has on their employees.  Bosch is one of those companies. In March 2015 they officially launched Internal Ideation Challenge – a competition for makers and tinkerers. The company encourages creativity of employees and generously rewards it. The goal of it is to tap into the expertise within the corporation to collect, share and realize innovative ideas with the Intelligent Absolute Orientation Sensor: BNO055. Moreover, all of the winning projects were created using Arduino products.

The challenge consists of three phases. During the first phase, “Think”, Bosch employees enter the contest and submit their ideas. Only ten out of two hundred submitted ideas were chosen to continue into the next, “Maker”, phase. Authors of these ten best ideas were rewarded with an Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield with an integrated BNO055 and a one-week voucher for the AE InnoLab in Reutlingen, Germany. During the “Maker” phase, selected ideas were implemented and makers presented prototypes for further review by experts. The final “Win” phase followed next; during which, the three best prototypes were chosen.

In 2015 the first place belonged to the team lead by Simon Casey, an Engineering Department Manager for Bosch Australia, and their prototype, called iHerd. This application analyzes animal behavior, and monitors the location of cattle. Therefore, it improves the safety of the cattle, and makes the life of cattle owners more comfortable. The "iHerd" demo is a collar created with an Arduino Leonardo board. Simon will be showcasing his prototype at the 2016 CES, in Las Vegas.

iherd project made with Arduino

The second place belongs to Daniel Seiz, an Electrical Engineer and volunteer firefighter for Bosch Renningen. He invented a special fire fighter track back device using an Arduino Due (e.g. Mouser 782-A000062) and an Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield (with BNO055 sensor). It helps fire fighters to find the way out of burning buildings during operations under heavy smoke and low visibility conditions. Daniel went to New York to display his prototype at the Maker Faire.

Daniel and his Bosh + Arduino project

daniel seiz and fire tracking made with arduino

Fire fighter tracking device using an Arduino board

Fire fighter tracking device made with Arduino

Fire fighter track back device using Arduino

The team lead by Madhan Babu Bhoopal from Bosch India took third place with a Smart Range Finder Device. It’s a non-water/non-gravity based measurement tool build using an Arduino 9-Axis Motion Shield (with BNO055 sensor) and an Arduino Uno board.  Measuring volumes and areas quickly is crucial for construction and architectural applications. The device supports those measurements of building interiors more effectively with high accuracy. Madhan went to Rome to display his prototype at the Maker Faire.

Madden babu bhopal and his device using a Bosh and Arduino board

Smart range finder device using an Arduino board

Smart range finder device made with an Arduino board

Arduino would like to express gratitude to all participants of the Bosch Internal Ideation Challenge and Bosch Corporation. We hope that the company and its associates will continue to create, innovate and inspire others!



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