CoderDojo in Prado (Part 2)

As promised, we’re going to tell you about the Dojo organized by CoderDojo Pavia we attended last Saturday.


The location was in a large industrial and offices building in the countryside in Cura Carpignano’s Prado village, near Pavia.

The building has been rented by an association, called comPVter (a pun combining the word computer and the shortened name PV, for Pavia province), to set up a Computer Museum, a FabLab and to host the Dojos.

The meeting was planned to have a three hour duration, from 9,30 to 12,30, and there we got on time to see it start: a very large number of children and teens attended enthusiastically and were divided into two groups: one for the younger children and one for teens or more expert children.

The first group was proposed a project with a temperature sensor working on a breadboard with Arduino; the second group was given a project to use a display to write whatever they wished, using an Arduino.

After the children and teens took their seats and prepared their utensils (a personal computer, and Arduino, cables and sensor for the younger, cables and display for the older ones), the mentors started explaining children how to work, using a projector and words. They also distributed written instructions for the code, since we’re talking about 7-14 year-old children, therefore some of them might have been totally unexperienced before this Dojo.


Coder_dojo Prado Arduino


Enthusiasm was great on the side of the children, but also on the side of parents experiencing this new adventure with their children and not to mention on the side of mentors, who really showed great passion in organizing all of this and in teaching children the first rudiments of coding with an Arduino to see an object like a sensor or a display actually DO something, like measuring the temperature of the room and writing your own sentence on a display.


The younger children group at work in their beautiful, sunny and large room:


Coder_dojo_ for Arduino




The teens in their own smaller, but really interesting room (look at the shelves!) working to make their Display write, through an Arduino, their own message:


Coder_dojo Arduino


Coder_dojo_ Arduino


And Yes! It works! As you can see from the above picture, they did it!


But let’s have a sneak peek at the younger children’s room and see if they did it:


Coder_dojo_sensor Arduino


Coder_dojo for Arduino


Well…apparently, from the enthusiastic gesture of the child hiding behind taller ones, yes! It works: it gives you the temperature of the room! (which, by the way, was around 23 degrees Celsius, with all that sunshine coming in).


As we mentioned at the beginning, the association comPVter in Pavia doesn’t have only the CoderDojo activitiy, therefore we’ll tell you more about the other activities soon!


by Silvia Bianchi






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