Tenaya Hurst visiting Local Motors in Maryland

A special something happened at Maker Faire…I ran into a friend from a hackathon, Gina O’Connell and she invited me to see the brand new Local Motors store which just opened at the National Harbor in Maryland. When the faire closed for the day, I happily headed off to the harbor with my other good friend I also met at a hackathon, Shooka!

The beautiful new Local Motors store and demonstration facility is absolutely spectacular and if you live in the area, you simply must take a night out at the harbor to visit! Shooka and I were welcomed by Gina when we arrived and with the store taking over a whole block, we were already dazzled by what we saw through the windows! Some of the space is dedicated to a store with really fun merchandise, another area is for the kids to learn all about 3D printing and smart cities, and the largest section is for fabrication of the Local Motors line of electric 3D printed vehicles.

Local Motors projects

Local Motors 3D printer
Local Motors printers
Gina introduced us to the super special makerspace for the kids where an entire model of Washington D.C. is the playground for kids to design their own vehicles and buildings to contribute to the ongoing diorama! They even have a machine to recycle 3D printed plastic into new filament - and if you put in multiple colors of plastic pellets, you can mix your own colors!

Gina from Local Motors and Arduino Woman

Local Motors kids space
The Strati was the first 3D printed car that Local Motors released, and you may remember Jay Rogers on the cover of Make Magazine. Now there is a new vehicle with 2 versions called the Sport and the Swim. All 3 of these are absolutely innovative and stunning.  Maybe you’re like me and you don’t like the “layered look” of 3D printed creations, but for these cars, there’s a mix of painted, buffed, and covered with a flexible carbon sheet, so the layers don’t dominate the appearance.

Strati car at Local Motors
Personal vehicles are exciting and have always been a large part of Local Motors’ contribution to the early-adopters car market, but now there’s a new public transportation goal for the company. Meet Olli, the first electric autonomous BUS to hit the streets any day now. A whole fleet can be controlled and operated to pick up passengers. I call it - the portable living room because there are seats on 3 sides of the Olli, the doors being the 4th side of this tall, sleek, and modern autonomous bus. The future on the road is definitely with Local Motors.

Local Motors Ollie car
The Ollie car at Local Motors
Ollie car getting repaired at Local Motors

As far as my future, I hope that we’ll get to work with Local Motors to help support Arduino workshops they offer at this new location, and maybe we’ll even get to host some bigger hackathon type events. Connected car is definitely a category of hackathon Local Motors is interested in promoting, since their vehicles are the most forward thinking on the market already!

Arduino woman at Local Motors
Arduino woman having fun at Local Motors



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