Smart Chandelier Made Using Arduino and Cardboard Featured

It’s pretty amazing what can be made when passionate people with a certain expertise put their minds to. The folks at CartonLab know cardboard. Wanting to add functionality to various displays, they were able to program Arduino boards to light them up, add cameras and sensors, and bring intelligence into one particular intriguing project.

CartonLab recently demonstrated their “Extensible Lamp Project” at Spain’s Zincshower festival. The ‘Lamp’ is an interactive lighting system, powered by Arduino.
Much like a smart city or smart home would be integrated into our lifestyles, CartonLab’s Extendable Lamp will intuitively train the people who use it to control an environment. Fully equipped with sensors and cameras, the lighting system can learn how to behave in various environments. It can brighten up, dim, turn off, and even watch for suspicious behaviors in the room.

Smart Chandelier Made Using Arduino
The lamp moves to provide more light depending on the location of the crowd
The Lamp that has been built in the Centre Puertas de Castilla, Murcia, allows visitors of the exhibition to communicate with the chandelier through movement and sound, as it establishes the perfect light conditions for that space. In order to offer perfect lighting, the Lamp expands itself physically, all with the help of a linear actuator connecting two points of the main structure.

The lamp extends to cover a larger area with more light
Arduino is a brain of this structure
The lamp is being tested
The Lamp design is the work of architect Carlos Jimenez with CasaLeganitos. Tom Svilans assisted in digital programming, and cartonLAB manufactured it. The project won a grant provided by the Bartlett School of Architecture
The lamp is made using 9mm thick craft cardboard, occupying approximately 4.5 × 6 meters and incorporating user-friendly interactive logic with digital technology by Arduino. It extends itself within an 18 meters diameter. 

The firsts steps of constructing the lamp
Assembling the lamp structure
Assembling the structure
Position and acoustic sensors send signals to the lighting system’s built-in engine to control the operation. The structure tracks the location of people in the room, and then moves towards them offering the amount of light needed.  The piece offers multiple positions facilitated within two main movements, horizontal and vertical. The design team is now perfecting the Lamp’s communication system, energy efficiency and use case scenarios; they will continue to update the interactivity of the Lamp and work to adapt it to meet the needs of its owners. With high expectations for the project, the team hopes to increase how people, no matter the age or demographic, interact with intelligent systems in the home, facilitate a Digital Democracy through implementing interactive designs in public spaces, improve the world by lowering energy consumption, and increase the use of recycled materials within truly innovative spaces.


Casaleganitos (concept and design):
Beatriz Sendín Jiménez, Leticia López de Santiago, Marwan Zouein and Carlos Jiménez Cenamor.
Casaleganitos is an architectural practice working between London, Madrid and Beirut. The office develops a variety of projects that range from furniture design to architecture and long-term urban strategies. Their working methods combine research and design with a ‘hands on’ approach and unique use of materials mixing craftsmanship and highly digitalized environments.  Every day practice is enriched with our Academic work in Madrid (Alcala de Henares), Lebanon (Lebanese American University, Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) and London (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL).

CartonLAB (Cardboard design consulting and production):
Cartonlab is a laboratory of ephemeral Architecture and eco-design that uses cardboard as the only material. It was co-founded in 2009 by MOHO Architects. Digital Fabrication, creativity, innovation and sustainability are the values that give identity to their international career. 

Tom Svilans (interactive design).
Tom Svilans is an architectural designer, researcher, and creative technologist specializing in the experimental and creative applications of spatial capture technologies and digital manufacturing methods. Tom’s work focuses on the intersection between technology, mythology and art. His approach to architecture as a constructed/invented environment emphasizes narrative, place, and baroque tendencies of ornament and spectacle.

The Bartlett School of Architecture.
DelAmorYlaBelleza (Carlos Jimenez).


Casaelganitos (Beatriz Sendin, Leticia Lopez de Santiago, Marwan Zouein and Carlos Jimenez).

Big Thank you to María Bernal Casanova, Covadonga Gutierrez Busto, Carolina Gambín, Emilio Jarrín, Javier Mañas, Luis Alfonso Gómez Rubio, Diana Feliu, Nani Bernal Casanova, Ana Bernal Casanova, Martae, Pablo, Juan Pedro and the marvelous team of Puertas de Castilla.



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