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Blind researcher and inventor Joshua Miele has launched the collaborative Blind Arduino Blog in order to create a resource for totally blind makers, builders and tinkerers to be able to independently build accessible devices using Arduino.

“There is nothing new about blind makers -- we have a long history of creativity and innovation in order to get access to the information we need to do the things we want to do. We also have a long history of sharing how-to information among ourselves in order to support our community in achieving our goals and potential. The Blind Arduino Blog follows in this proud tradition.“

Joshua Miele from the Blind Arduino Blog

The blog's objective is to better understand the barriers that blind people are facing while willing to create and prototype with electronics. Most of the time, the Arduino-based projects accessible online are not intended to be built by blind people because of the lack of necessary and consistent documentation. Therefore, the blog's intention is to assemble, develop, document and disseminate information about the accessible resources and tools for blind people who want to build and develop projects with Arduino. But the blog also wants to provide accessible project descriptions and instructions that would help blind people in their daily lives.

“With the advent of open-source, relatively standardized, microprocessor-based project kits like Arduino, the kinds of devices that can be built by the casual maker at home have become quite sophisticated. In fact, Arduino is an ideal platform for creating a variety of accessibility devices which blind makers and users might find useful. For example Arduino would be perfect for building tools like audio and tactile meters and gauges which could be driven by any manner of sensors and detectors. From accessible scales to timers, range finders, multimeters and beyond, Arduino could make it relatively easy to design and share accessible tools which can be endlessly modified, adapted, and improved to meet a wide range of applications and needs.“

This year the Blind Arduino Project was present at Maker Faire Bay Area - showing some demos like blind soldering techniques or other cool gadgets they have created and answered questions about how blind people build stuff with Arduino.

Read this article from Makezine about the Blind Arduino Blog at Maker Faire Bay Area
The Blind Arduino Blog is full of helpful resources and articles documenting the tools and techniques of the blind makers like “Getting to know the Arduino Uno board“, “a beginner's guide to hobby electronics and robotics“, “how to install the IDE“ and much more. Check out the blog if you are interested!



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