The new LABS and manifesto

Today the new “WIKI” has been made available on the pages of our website to all of the users.

Why did I write Wiki between inverted commas? Because, as you for sure will notice going to the dedicated pages, it’s not a simple and traditional wiki, but it’s really something more.


LABS,’s wiki, features:

  •’s Manifesto
  • resources
  • tutorials and sample projects
  • documentation
  • a forum


Resources, tutorials and sample projects are related to the use of your Arduino boards in everyday life. Starting from the simplest examples, and growing to include more complex ones, as things grow and you become more acquainted with the Arduino world.


We know that many of the Arduino users are quite experienced, since they come from 10 years of use of their boards, but also the more experienced users can find help on more complex issues or on the recently introduced boards and shields and those that will be introduced in the future. 


Other users may be approaching Arduino’s world for the first time, and here they’ll find step by step tutorials and examples to start playing with their new boards.


LABS becomes a really interactive place where users and developers can cooperate, improving efforts at to be the best resource for Arduino boards users, posting requests, help requests, ideas, suggestions, where Arduino becomes a real community, growing together in a continuous cooperation.


We left the Manifesto as the last piece of this article, as we really would like to give it a special place and consideration.


Arduino Manifesto


The Manifesto spells out the scenario in which we’re working: that of a smart and connected world, a world that is becoming smarter and smarter everyday thanks to the IoT, and more and more interconnected, thanks to millions of connected devices, talking to each other via a Cloud, but that people can disconnect as they wish and whenever they wish.

In this scenario, everything will become faster, in terms of information exchanges and experience and knowledge growth. Although it may seem difficult, after having seen the explosion of the Internet, the changes it has brought to the world of information and availability to everyone of information, it is true that a new revolution is happening right here and now: expertise, knowledge, and ideas will grow even faster with people being always and directly connected and with information, culture, ideas, inventions circulating openly to improve, as we hope, everyone's life.


The Manifesto makes it clear that Arduino is not only or the brand name, but it’s the result of a sum of addends, and the result itself is greater than the sum of the single addends: the software, the hardware, the Network, the Cloud, People and Communities are each of them great and part of the whole project, but when you put them all together, well…they result in a magnified force, and this thanks to the fact that Arduino is an open project, open to everyone.




Open: what does it mean?

  • Open hardware, although not everything can be shared, being proprietary of the respective producers (e.g. CPU, MCU, modules), will focus on making available, wherever possible, schematics, data sheets, best practices, and trying to persuade third parties to do so, concentrating always on the newest and most interesting technologies;
  • Open Software: promoting user-friendly languages to program or customize objects, services, clouds and  issuing on a regular basis tutorials, projects and repositories;
  • Open Internet of Things: promoting the use of open standards for protocols, paradigms, architectures, technologies for the Cloud;
  • Open Security: security and privacy are taken into very serious account, and will always work in the direction of integrating security and privacy preventing intrusions at both the hardware and software level.


Now…let’s tart cooperating via the newly opened forum and have a look at the Manifesto in its integral version here (link), at the LABS area here (link) and let us know your ideas, thoughts, requests, so that we can start working together for a better Arduino and a better world!


Download here the Manifesto !




by Silvia Bianchi







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