The versatile ArduShield from Awesome PCB

We would like to introduce you to an amazing company - Awesome PCB. They have created a helpful device, which can be used with any Arduino board, called ArduShield.

The idea for ArduShield was born out of the problem that many Arduino fans had faced before. There are shields available that fit only Arduino Uno but don’t fit any other types of smaller boards. However, more experienced users work with smaller boards because of their advanced possibilities and cost effectiveness. Therefore, there was a need for more universal shield that could be used with any Arduino board. Awesome PCB has created ArduShield to solve these problems. It is most versatile development shield for most popular boards like an Arduino UNO R3, Mini, Pro Mini V5, Nano V3, MicroR3, Leonardo, Yun, Zero, Galileo Gen2 and many other derivative boards. Starting from gathering early feedback, research of concept, it took almost half a year to finish the product, including few loops of prototypes and concept testing.

ArduShield versatile development shield

Arduino Micro on the ArduShield

ArduShield, Arduino Micro and a breadboard

One of the great things about ArduShield is that all pins of Arduino can be accessed on the breadboard instantly, which provide high flexibility during design. Another useful options are that power supply can be given to the breadboard and that two prototypes can be developed on one breadboard without the need to disconnect. ArduShield can be use like a programing tool for Arduino mini and Arduino Pro Mini, since both of these boards require external programmer. Moreover, if maker has an Arduino UNO board, then Arduino Mini or Arduino Pro Mini can be connected instantly to ArduShield, and maker can play with them via Arduino IDE. 

Arduino boards fitting the ArduShield

ArduShield fitting on the Arduino Uno

Arduino Micro fitting on the ArduShield and the breadboard

ArduShield from Awesome PCB plugged on a breadboard

There is a plan to add following features to ArduSHIELD:

  • RGB LED WS2812B
  • Power status LED
  • ISCP connector
  • Programming socket for ATtiny85 microcontrollers
  • Socket for OLED display SSD1306

Around April Awesome PCB is going to launch a crowd funding campaign to start selling ArduShield eventually and solve problems of many Arduino fans. 
Good luck!



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