BLE: BLECharacteristic


BLECharacteristic is part of the BLE library. You can use this class to describe the characteristics you want in your device.
A characteristic can describe any kind of data. BLECharacteristic class refers to a generic data. In order to simplify data access some typed characteristics have been derived from this generic class.
These are:
BLEBoolCharacteristic  - enclose a boolean data
BLECharCharacteristic - enclose a char data
BLEUnsignedCharCharacteristic - enclose an unsigned char data
BLEShortCharacteristic - enclose a short data
BLEUnsignedShortCharacteristic - enclose an unsigned short data
BLEIntCharacteristic - enclose an integer data
BLEUnsignedIntCharacteristic - enclose an unsigned integer data
BLELongCharacteristic - enclose a long data
BLEUnsignedLongCharacteristic - enclose an unsigned long data
BLEFloatCharacteristic - enclose a float data
BLEDoubleCharacteristic - enclose a double data

All the methods described here can be accessed from all the classes above.


If you’re implementing a client and you want to query remote characteristics on a remote server you can use BLERemoteCharacteristic class that expose the same methods of this class. Also for BLERemoteCharacteristic some typed characteristic have been defined. You can access the remote typed characteristic by using the same classes described here and adding the "Remote" suffix after BLE word. For example to refer to a char remote characteristic you can use BLERemoteCharCharacteristic class.

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