Arduino Function: BLEService Constructor




Constructor for BLEService class


BLEService yourService = BLEService(uuid);


uuid: const char*. Service’s UUID.




/* Copyright (c) Sandeep Mistry. All rights reserved.

  Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.

  Modified by Chiara Ruggeri <>;

  This example shows how to read/write a characteristic to turn a LED on or off

  You can use nRFConnect app to read/write the characteristic

  In this example BLE_LED shows the status of the board. It will blink every 200 ms when the board is advertising.

  It will be on when the board is connected to a central. It will be off when the board is disconnected.


#include <BLEPeripheral.h>

// LED pin


// create peripheral instance

BLEPeripheralRole         blePeripheral     = BLEPeripheralRole();

// create service

BLEService            ledService        = BLEService("19b10000e8f2537e4f6cd104768a1214");

// create switch characteristic

BLECharCharacteristic switchCharacteristic = BLECharCharacteristic("19b10001e8f2537e4f6cd104768a1214", BLERead | BLEWrite);

void setup() {


 //initialize BLE led

 pinMode(BLE_LED, OUTPUT);

 // set LED pin to output mode

 pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT);

 // set advertised local name and service UUID



 // add service and characteristic



 // begin initialization


 Serial.println(F("BLE LED Peripheral"));


void loop() {

 BLECentralPeer central = blePeripheral.central();

 if (central) {

// central connected to peripheral

Serial.print(F("Connected to central: "));


   // turn on BLE_LED when connected

   digitalWrite(BLE_LED, HIGH);

while (central.connected()) {

  // central still connected to peripheral

  if (switchCharacteristic.written()) {

    // central wrote new value to characteristic, update LED

    if (switchCharacteristic.value()) {

      Serial.println(F("LED on"));

      digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH);

    } else {

      Serial.println(F("LED off"));

      digitalWrite(LED_PIN, LOW);




// central disconnected

Serial.print(F("Disconnected from central: "));



 // here we are not connected. This means we are advertising

 digitalWrite(BLE_LED, HIGH);


 digitalWrite(BLE_LED, LOW);



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