Arduino Function: RobotControl.playMelody


Plays a melody based on a string of music notes. The input string also contains information about note duration. The string can also contain pauses. This method must be preceded by Robot.beginSpeaker() in setup().




melody: A string of notes to be played and their duration. The string may contain following chars, representing a note: *c : play "C" *C : play "#C" *d : play "D" *D : play "#D" *e : play "E" *f : play "F" *F : play "#F" *g : play "G" *G : play "#G" *a : play "A" *A : play "#A" *b : play "B" *- : silence Duration, represents the tempo used to play the note: *1 : Set the following as full notes *2 : Set the following as half notes *4 : Set the following as quarter notes *8 : Set the following as eigth notes *. : Set the note duration as its duration plus an half of its duration (Example 1/4 + 1/8)


When a melody is playing, all other processes stop


#include <ArduinoRobot.h>

void setup(){
 Robot.beginSpeaker();//Initialize the sound module

void loop(){
 char aTinyMelody[] = "8eF-FFga4b.a.g.F.8beee-d2e.1-";// This is what we will play
 Robot.playMelody(aTinyMelody);// Play the melody

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