Build own u-boot for Arduino Tian

If you want to customize your u-boot, you must build your own u-boot from the source code. Please make sure your build system is done. To build, u-boot requires a cross compiler from the build system.

The first step is to define the environment to build the u-boot, change the dir accordingly with your path.

export STAGING_DIR=~/Documents/linino_CC/staging_dir;

Clone the linino u-boot repository:

This will create the directory uboot with the linino u-boot source code.

cd uboot

Choose one of uboot\Makefile configurations and load it:

make linino-tian_config

When your configuration is done, the last step is to build the u-boot:

make CROSS_COMPILE=$STAGING_DIR/toolchain-mips_r2_gcc-4.6-linaro_uClibc- ARCH=mips

When the compilation is over, you will find theu-boot.bin in the uboot directory.