Auto-Expanding of your File System using Pivot Overlay

If you want expand your file system on flash memory then you may enable the PIVOT OVERLAY mode.

Follow the below steps:
- Insert a SD card into your board (Only for YUN, YunMini and Industrial 101).
- Open a SSH section, if you are a Windows user can use Putty.


- Login as root.
Linino login

- Type your password.

Linino password
- If you are using a  micro SD card then verify that is correctly mounted using df -h command
command: df -h

It should appear your device in  /dev/sda1
 Furthermore in this moment the Rootfs has 4.8Mb as Size.

- Type the command: overlay-only -i

Command: overlay-only -i

- It will firstly install fdisk on your system, if not previously installed:


Click  Enter  key to install fdisk.

fdisk installation

-After the installation try again the command: overlay-only -i

Command: overlay-only i

Click Enter key to continue.


- Now it appears the Linino Overlay menu.

Overlay menu

- Choose the number 1

It should  the command be not  provided with your current image, please follow these preliminary steps:

$ wget
$ chmod +x overlay-only
$ mv overlay-only /usr/bin

Pivot overlay on SDcard

- Type Y to start the procedure.
- Wait that the Overlay is completed.

Overlay completed

- Completed the Overlay, connect again to SSH console and verify if the procedure is gone well, typing the df -h command.

Command: df -h

- Now the Rootfs should have a greater size. 

If you want Revert Pivot Overlay then you must follow these steps:
- Connect to SSH console.
- Type the command: overlay-only -i.
- Select the number 2.
- Wait that the Revert Pivot Overlay is completed.

Keep in mind that if you have extended the file System and you want upgrade the board then follow these steps:
- uninstall all programs;
- execute the Revert Pivot Overlay;