Upgrade to LininoIO


What changes if you install LininoIO OS? With LininoIO OS you don't need to write your C code application for the MCU. 
It is enough to install LininoIO OS on the MCU side and all of the functionalities, like GPIO, ADC, PWM, I2C, etc. will be exported onto the LininoIO.

To upgrade the LininoIO there are two way: 
- For old Yun version, it needs to upgrade the LininoIO OS image, using sysupgrade, and to upgrade the u-boot version. 
- For recent Yun version, it needs only to upgrade the LininoIO OS image, using sysupgrade or linup command.

Check Yun version

To check Arduino Yun version there are two way: via SSH or Via SerialTerminal. 
- Using SSH: 
Open SSH monitor and type the command: uname -a 
- Using Serial Terminal: 
Open Arduino.org IDE and upload the sketch YunSerialTerminal from File>Examples>Bridge menu. 
Open Serial monitor now it should see the linino console and write the command: uname -a

If your version is dated before 4 October 2015 follow the guide to upgrade linino IO OS on old Yun else follow this other guide.