Upgrade the Linino distribution for Arduino Yun and Yun Mini

The new images are present on Linino.org 
Here you can find the latest image here

To upgrade the LininoIO, dated 4 October 2015 or later versions, there are two way: 
- using sysupgrade 
- using linup command.

Ony if your version is dated after 4 October 2015 or later versions follow this guide. 
if you have any doubts then follow the guide to check your version.

Upgrade your Arduino Yun with sysupgrade

Login as root by means of SSH and type the following commands :

$ cd /tmp
$ wget http://download.linino.org/linino_distro/lininoIO/latest/lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
$ sysupgrade -v lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

after about 1 minute the board will reboot and the new image will be loaded on the board.

If you want to overwrite all the configuration settings present on the previous image, you have to add the -n option to the sysupgrade command

$ sysupgrade -v -n lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

If you have an Arduino Yun Mini use the same steps but you must only change the image name as below:

$ wget http://download.linino.org/linino_distro/lininoIO/latest/lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-mini-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
$ sysupgrade -v lininoIO-generic-linino-yun-mini-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

PLEASE NOTE: In case of a total upgrade (the one perfomed with the -n option) The new root password will be “doghunter” without quotes.

Upgrade your Linino OS using linup command

On the latest release, you can use the linup command to automatically upgrade your LininoOS to the latest version or to a specific release. The command syntax is :

root@linino:/# linup 
USAGE : linup <revision> ( latest or YYYYMMDD.x where x=0,1,2...n ) \
          <branch> ( optional : lininoIO or master )

If you want upgrade your Linino OS to the latest image you can execute the command:

root@linino:/# linup latest

Guide linino OS upgrade step by step

1) Connect your board via SSH: 
for Linux user using comand Shell: >ssh root@linino.local ; 
for Windows user for example using Putty; 
Putty cinfiguration 
2) Login as "root"; 
Linino Login 
3) Insert the password: doghunter (default or the new password if you have changed it); 
Linino password
4) Insert the command: linup latest or linup specif release ; 
linup latest command 
5) Respond "y"; 
Upgrade the board 
6) Wait the loading; 
7) Choose as you need; 
option setting 
8) Wait the end of upgrade. 
PLEASE NOTE: In case you select the option 2 the new root password will be “doghunter” without quotes.