Transfer hex file use avrdude to MCU

This is a brief introduction to the HEX file transfer to MCU and the L13 LED blinking.

Download the L13 LED blinking.hex from here: blink.cpp.hex or generate the HEX file by yourself.

To generate the HEX file with Arduino IDE and then copy the Hex file with scp onto Arduino Yun. Setting “Show verbose output during compilation” to enable, you will find the HEX file directory.

Preferences menu of Arduino IDE  

Copy Hex file with scp on Arduino Yun:

$ scp ~/Downloads/Blink.cpp.hex root@arduino.local:/tmp

Open an ssh connection to your Arduino Yun and then follow the commands below:

[your PC] >ssh root@arduino.local

Run avradude:

$ run-avrdude /tmp/Blink.cpp.hex