RTC Example

This example shows you how to use the RTCint library and to print on the Serial monitor the date and the current time. 
RTCint library gives you opportunity to use the internal RTC of ATSAMD21G18A, the microcontroller mounted on M0 and M0 PRO boards. 
This library uses RTC in clock calendar mode with alarm. 
Time can be represented in 12h or 24h mode. 


  • Arduino M0/M0 Pro


Arduino M0 Pro  

Connect your board to PC with a USB cable and upload the sketch.

In the picture is shown the circuit realized using an Arduino M0 Pro.


This sketch prints on Serial monitor the date and the current time using the methods of the RTCint library. 
It is possible to choose how to represent the time between 12h or 24h mode, inserting into "rtc.begin()"the parametersTIME_H12 or TIME_H24. 
Time is get from method "rtc.getTime()" . 
This method retrieves the hours, the minutes and the seconds from RTC and fills an internal structure called local_time that it is accessed to read the current time. 
Instead the date is get from method "rtc.getDate()" . 
This method fills an internal structure called local_date, accessible in the RTCInt class, with day, month and year read from RTC. For a correct representation of year is added an appropriate offset to this field. 
The informations so stored are printed on Serial monitor and updated each second. 
First uploading the sketch, set the date and the current time, inserting the corresponding values into respective methods "rtc.set()".

The complete code and its detailed description are shown down.

This sketch gives a simple demonstration of how to use RTCint library.
The code sets date and time using internal structure and then prints them on serial monitor .
In this example the Time is represented in 24 hour mode
#include <RTCInt.h>// include the RTCint library
RTCInt rtc;             //create an RTCInt type object
void setup()
SerialUSB.begin(9600);//initialize the Serial communication
rtc.begin(TIME_H24); //init RTC in 24 hour mode
//time settings
CHour(15,0); //setting hour
rtc.setMinute(43);   //setting minute
rtc.setSecond(0);   //setting second
rtc.setDay(13);     //setting day
rtc.setMonth(8);     //setting month
rtc.setYear(15);     //setting year
void loop()
rtc.getDate();       //getting date in local structure (local_date)
rtc.getTime();       //getting time in local structure(local_time)
//printing date in format YYYY/MM/DD
SerialUSB.print(rtc.local_date.year+2000); //year
SerialUSB.print(rtc.local_date.month);     //month
SerialUSB.print(rtc.local_date.day);       //day
SerialUSB.print(' ');
//printing time
SerialUSB.print(rtc.local_time.hour);     //hour
SerialUSB.print(rtc.local_time.minute);   //minute
SerialUSB.println(rtc.local_time.second); //second
delay(1000);         //wait 1 second