Deltu is a delta robot with a strong personality that interact with humans through two iPads.
Depending on his mood, it plays with you but if you make too much mistakes, Deltu just might get upset and decide to ignore you.  Frustrated, Deltu will leave the game and take some selfies to post them on Instagram.


What have you made?

Deltu is a delta robot, usually used for 3D printer, that interact with humor and mood to humans.  He has a mind of is own and does not hesitate to share his emotions with you and even his life thought his instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts: 

What gave you the initial inspiration?

The relationship we have with robots/AI that have been created to enhance our performance, but have become a source of learning, is unique and exciting. The Android’s place in society has not yet been defined and remains to be determined; for me it is the best source of inspiration.

What is the original idea behind this project?

I had think about a robot that can interact with us and share is emotion without any face. I am really interested into the AI and I think it’s a lack of imagination to make it with a human face. 
We don’t need something that already exists why not just make another figure of intelligence to let humanity dream about animated objects like in the animations of Walt Disney.

How does it work?

Software / Hardware
It’s two Unityapplications. The application of the human (on human’s iPad) sends HTTP request to the computer. And then there is a Python server that sends the string through the serial to the Arduino Uno.
Deltu interacts with us trough the application I’ve made. In the application there are 3 small games. The first one is a drawing game named “Together”, where Deltu mimics and interprets what we draw. The second one is a battle between the machine and the human.
And the third one is a memory game where the human must learn from the robot (Simon game). These games are a reflexion of the special relationship we have with robots and the evolution of this relationship. The symmetry of my game is an interpretation; it’s like a mirror, a reflexion of our image.

How long did it take to make it real?

Deltu is my bachelor project in the University of arts and Design, ECAL. We had one semester to do this project (4-5 month).

How did you build it?

Deltu is not a kit. Everything is made step by step. I used an Arduino Uno, an Arduino Proto shield, three servo motors with metal gear, twelve boule linkage, twelve lock nut, a spring, a mini stylus, some screws, and a lot of love! Deltu is in wood for making him more friendly.
The wood is cut and dig by a CNC. And the legs and arms are in copper.