Arduino makers project Juice-Box


Juice-Box is an interactive jukebox that uses a soda dispenser as a metaphor for selecting music themes. Like when we choose to drink Coca-Cola or Sprite, people choose the music genre they would like to listen to in front of the 'music dispenser'. Taking motion of 'getting music' with the cup-shaped mp3 player, visual feedback of 'gettting music' is provided with integral RGB LEDs, and pre-stored mp3 files.

Interaction Design course at ID KAIST, South Korea, 2014
Design & Prototyping : Jaehwan Jung
T/A : Changmin Kim, Hanjong Kim
Advisor : Professor Tekjin Nam


What have you made?

I have made an interactive jukebox using an interesting metaphor.

What gave you the initial inspiration?

I started from the idea that everybody has its own preferences. For example, people have their own preference in music genres, in beverages, food, etc. Moreover, each music genre, of course give us different feelings. I tried to visualize those feelings with different colors so that the interaction would makes sense.

What is the original idea behind this project?

To build something that people would like to try out but also have pleasure to listen to.

How does it work?

There are two parts. The first is the music dispenser and the second is the cup-shaped mp3 player. These two parts are wirelessly connected. There is an Arduino in the dispenser who transmits the given signals from the switch to the other Arduino in the mp3 player. Then, prestored musics are played.

How long did it take to make it real?

Except the designing process, the prototyping took 2 weeks. The entire design took 8 weeks.

How did you build it?

At first, I wanted to use the dispenser as a storage for music. However, it was difficult to realize within 8 weeks, so for the first prototype I chose to use an mp3 player shield and two bluetooth modules. I used the cup as a storage for music.