Light Sphere

Arduino makers project - Light Sphere


This project was born while we were studying at Quasar Design University when we thought of a different way to keep in contact with someone we love, creating the possibility of a contact that involves feelings. According to this idea, we decided to create a set of two connected light spheres. When the first sphere is touched, the second one emits a soft coloured faded light that invites the other person to touch it. When the two people are touching the spheres at the same time, a vibrating motor simulates the beat of a hearth synchronized with a red light emitted by the led diodes inside the lamps. This project is now real and it takes 4 months to be produced because of the complexity of the communication we realized inside. In fact, both spheres use an Arduino Yùn for sending variables to a php based page that gives them instructions. The spheres are made with an opaque glass, which favours the light diffusion, and they can be connected to a domestic power supply. The Internet connection is made via Arduino Yùn Wi-Fi setup panel.


What have you made?

We have built a set of two light spheres, that, when both touched at the same time, emit light and simulate the vibration of a beating heart.

What gave you the initial inspiration?

The life that our two friends in love were living: when she went to London, he stayed in Italy. They had no way to keep in touch and could only talk through a telephone. Therefore, we decided to create something that would make it possible for them to be in contact.

What is the original idea behind this project?

We were trying to change the communication between two people separated by distance. In fact, we wanted to create the feeling of a physical contact, as if two people were touching each other and hearing the beat of their hearts.

How does it work?

The two spheres are connected to an internet server via wi-fi, where a php page sends the input to turn on both spheres when they are touched at the same time. If so, they start to beat like a heart creating the feeling of a contact.

How long did it take to make it real?

We had a hard time but we developed it in 6 months because of the difficulty to create a connection between the two objects.

How did you build it?

We have used an Arduino Yùn, which was perfect for our idea because it has a linux based wi-fi connection. We also have used a led strip, touch sensors, an RTC module to regulate the brightness according to the time and the vibration of the motor.