Arduino at 71st China Educational Equipment Industrial Conference

The 71st China Educational Equipment Industrial Conference took place at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center in Nanning, Guangxi Province of China. Arduino is honored to partner with WMEA (World Maker Education Association) to attend the Conference, showcase Arduino products, and contribute to Maker Education. 

Arduino was created to be a resource for education, initially developing the Arduino Starter Kit as a curriculum for individuals and teachers to get started.  Now Arduino helps a wide ecosystem of makers from early education through university level, and beyond to the emerging culture of start-ups and inventors.  Globally, electronic enthusiasts share their Arduino projects and their knowledge over the internet, which benefits everyone.  Students learn electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software programming, and develop creative thinking in the process of working with Arduino boards. The goal is to learn to use this creative tool which combines many skills, but along the way, Arduino makers also gain self-confidence. Students can design and create unique, interactiveprojects, exploring their own potential, and creating technology solutions for their local communities.  



Arduino displayed several new products at the CEEI Conference, including the Chinese version of the Starter Kit suitable for beginners to create 15 fun projects.  Educators love the Starter Kit because a school can purchase several kits and reuse them for years.  Principals and teachers were very excited to see the Tinkerkit Braccio, a robotic arm that can be programmed for a variety of functions using an Arduino shield made for motors.  The administrator of the Education Department was appreciative that the Braccio can train first-time robotic students, but also offer plenty of variety for advanced robotics training. 



The Arduino Starter Kit includes an assortment of components to showcase the diversity of circuits one can make using an Arduino.  With 15 creative projects, someone who has never tried Arduino can assemble a circuit, adjust it's function, and then take the components out of the breadboard to start a new project - all in a short amount of time.  Curriculum in the Starter Kit book helps students to learn all the possibilities through fun projects like the Zoetrope, 8-ball, and Love-o-meter.  Now available in Chinese and several other languages, the Starter Kit has been used by numerous middle schools, high schools, and universities in the U.S, Canada, and Europe.
TinkerKit Braccio is one of Arduino's favorite new products to teach robotics.  The first release in China sold out, with many makers excited to assemble the Braccio kit in flexible ways, and of course to program functions using Arduino IDE software.  The Maker Center and Schools for Robotics have welcomed this fun kit for new ways to teach and demonstrate.  The WMEA - Arduino booth was surrounded by dozens of visitors and guests, excited to see other demos like the two-wheel self balancing car, and the new Arduino Bluetooth hardware.  It's very exciting for the Chinese people to welcome the concept of open source and how it has aided the global Arduino maker movement.



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