Monte Bianco Arduino Developer Summit

The first Arduino Developer Summit was recently held halfway up Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), the tallest mountain in Europe. The goal: bring Arduino community developers together with engineers from leading semiconductor companies to discuss the future of Arduino.

Software and hardware technology have advanced rapidly in the past decade since the spirit of this project began. Arduino has become a global standard because of its affordability and ease of use, helping people integrate technology into fields such as art, design, science, education, mechatronics, robotics, smart product design, and the unlimited expanse of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Metaphorically, attendee presentations showed how developers have continued to lead-climbing the mountain of new technology, staking footholds for new software tools and APIs, and new Arduino or Arduino-compatible hardware platforms, along the way.

The hardware spotlight shined on advances from ST Microelectronics, Nordic Semiconductor, Microchip, EnOcean, Solbian, and of course Arduino Srl. The software spotlight shined on ecosystem advances from Snap, PlatformIO, Codebender, Antmicro, Mynewt, and other projects initiated by Arduino Srl developers, University researchers from Milano and Messina, and Messina Smart Cities initiatives.

The passion of the attendees brought a high concentration of Arduino enthusiasm and intelligence into one place. Networking, collaboration, and relationship building among developers tackling adjacent parts of the problems to be solved was a highlight of the summit.

During opening statements from Arduino S.r.l CEO, Federico Musto, all could see that he was beaming with joy. “It’s all about you, the community”, is what he would frequently say. He was excited not only to bring together key contributors around Arduino innovation, but was also proud of his organization’s ability to host the conference in such a spectacular destination. Was it hard to get to? Yes. Was it worth the visit? Most definitely.

Pizza Party

Thursday evening we invited all attendees to gather at a local Pizzeria to socialize and enjoy some delicious Italian pizza! The evening started with some nice appetizers followed by many different choices of pizza, beer and other beverages. Everybody was able to relax, discuss interesting topics from the conference, and interact around common hobbies and interests. All welcomed the chance to make new contacts among industry leaders.

After the great meal we started playing Italian-style bingo. Many fun and interesting prizes were awarded along the way toward the ultimate goal, a fully-completed board. Giveaways included: new Arduino Uno WiFi boards, Arduino Uno Starter Kits, the new Tinkerkit Braccio, a visit for two to a local spa, and the grand prize, a trip for two on a helicopter, to see the alps from above!

This was the first of many Arduino conferences to come, to be hosted in various geographical locations around the world. And we look forward to seeing you at the next one.



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