Embedded World Nuremberg

24-26 February 2015

On February 24 Embedded World Nuremberg 2015 started, and it lasted until February 26.  We’ve been there to have a sneak peek at all of the new products being showcased in the world most important trade show in this sector.


The show was huge: an impressive number of companies were present, and even more if we think that some companies were hosted at other companies’ booths, as they were introducing new products born out of the cooperation between the two.


A nice remote controlled balloon was flying up above the entrance, welcoming visitors entering the show.


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Balloon


Even the number of visitors was impressive: the cost of attending the show was affordable, therefore many industry-related people attended, but also many students and people who wouldn’t be able to afford the very high prices requested by other similar shows in the world could come and be informed on the evolution of the sector.


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg robot


Everything on show was obviously serious matter for professionals, but somehow the displays that really watched the eye of visitors were the ones with something very special or very attractive, like this robot, or these boards hanging from the ceiling of the fair:


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Event


As you may well experience when attending trade shows, when you see something colourful, with light games, or moving, well this is what attracts you the most, apart from the interesting novelties exhibited. And this display really caught our eye:


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Screen


We also spotted a number of booths showing products and or services made with Arduino boards, and this of corseted us very happy and proud of all the work we’ve been doing for makers and companies in all these years.


We took some pictures and want to introduce you to some of these nice companies and ideas:


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Arduino test


The project above is from a company called Wyliodrin. We spotted our Arduino UNO on the wall and were immediately attracted by it: we were really curious about what they were doing with it. Wyliodrin makes a platform allowing easy programming for embedded boards. 


Have a look at their website, since they really have some smart solutions for programming embedded boards like the Arduino UNO, even via streams and visual programming, which makes it easier if you’re not really an expert of programming languages.


We caught also another wall display showcasing a UNO, and that was a wall organized under the header Mathworks.


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Matlab


Arduino at Embedded World 2015 Nuremberg Matlab


But the funniest Arduino driven project we found was this very polite robot by UDOO, who kindly answered in voice and gestures the questions it was asked.


VIDEO: We were explained that UDOO contains an Arduino DUE board.



by Silvia Bianchi 



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