IOT Evolution, Las Vegas

17-20 August 2015

We know, IoT Evolution Expo and the Wearable Tech Expo is over but we wanted to share with you Tenaya's feedback about the event itself and her presence there as a speaker. Find out more about her favorite moments and what she enjoyed the most!


IoT Evolution in Las Vegas, this year also combined with the force of Wearable Tech Conference, both produced by TMC. It was a week packed full of discussions in IoT, security, connected cars, connected helicopters, and of course wearable technology. Many sessions to choose from and a whole expo hall to visit. As usual and brought our latest and greatest hardware to offer solutions for IoT product developers. We have the hardware to create your product, and your software team can use any language on the Qualcomm full MIPS Linux stack.

Arduino at IoT_Las_Vegas_1

My favorite part about representing in the Expo hall is meeting new makers and finding out how we can work together to collaborate. We met several start-ups who attended the conference to participate in AT&T’s fast pitch. For prototyping, start with the Arduino Yun or Yun Mini and create your circuit. When you know it’s working and you want to manufacture several, use the Chiwawa, our smallest board, with WiFi and Linux. It’s the size of an SD card and can fit inside any product design. Soon we’ll change the design from red to blue to honor the addition of blue tooth!

Arduino at IoT_Las_Vegas_2

I met many interesting expo hall attendees, but one stood out to me for sure. We started talking about water shortages in California and Nevada and how something has to change. He introduced the phrase to me, Precision Agriculture. I love this phrase! My main goal within the Arduino organization is to promote the use of our microcontrollers for vertical farming, window box plants, roof top gardens, and backyard gardens. We can all use sensors, microcontrollers, and IoT to allow our farms to be watered only when necessary based on soil data and weather information, brought to the hardware via WiFi and using software through the Qualcomm Linux MIPs.

Finally, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at Wearable Tech Con! There was one single track and those interested, could attend just those sessions, or mix it up and drop in and out. I was the final session of the conference and for good reason because I’m not your conventional conference speaker! I brought a whole dose of the maker world and what my students have made in Wearable Tech and using Arduino for other variety of projects. We wrapped it up with one of my music videos, which I sang live. Luckily, the crowd was into it and happy they stayed till the end. Looking forward to future events with TMC and continuing the discussion and promotion of Internet of Things with reliable Arduino/Linino hardware.

Check out Tenaya's Facebook page for more pictures about the event!

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