Maker Faire NY

26-27 September 2015 

Maker Faire New York is over and it has been a great success! We were really happy to present our new improvements and products during the World Maker Faire in New York City, the most important event in the US for the Maker Community. Moreover, we would like to thank all of our new followers and fans who came by and showed us their support. 



Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_1

Due to the importance that open source and Makers’ contribution have in our company’s philosophy, our development team focused on coming up with sophisticated new products – as well as additions to our most successful ones - compatible with the Linux system.

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_2


Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_3

“We are excited to take an active part in the momentum of the Maker space phenomenon, by enabling Makers and encouraging innovation on a broad scale”
 - commented Federico Musto, CEO of Arduino S.r.l. – “Arduino provides the necessary technology and means to those who want to innovate and research the latest technologies.” 

Our new products and services come out in line with the philosophy and the aim of the Company: transparency and free access to knowledge. 

“We value the idea” – added Mr. Musto – “that everyone should have the knowledge and ability to build their own technology and share the results of it with the rest of the community in order to improve each other’s daily lives and build a stronger sense of community, regardless of the physical boundaries of the country in which the single Maker resides.” 

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_6

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_9

Here are some of the hardware solutions that we presented for the first time at the Maker Faire in New York:

  • Arduino YUN
  • Arduino YUN MINI
  • Arduino TIAN
  • Arduino Industrial 101

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_5

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_7

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_10

People showed a lot of interest for all the various products and we had a lot of questions going around on our booth. Tenaya Hurst walked around with her Instagramino frame and grabbed some cool pictures with all of our fans. She even got to snap a pic with R2d2! If you missed it, visit our Facebook page to find all our pictures of the Maker Faire!

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_4

Arduino at MakerFaire_NY_11

We enjoyed every single minute of this incredible event and hope to see you again really soon!



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